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Your work is going really well, you have everything under control and everyone thinks you’re a superstar. How well does this describe you? Take the Pro Cheat Codes quiz to find out where you truly sit in the ranks of top professionals.

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You don't have to trade your life away to grow your career

Hi. I'm Tom 👋

And I've learned that simple and effective systems can change your performance at work, and really, your life.

It sounds kinda dramatic but it's true.

Putting in place simple systems has brought me job opportunities, promotions, pay rises and consulting work. All while not having to work 80-hours weeks full of stress and .

Going in with a system is why my career has taken off, and I keep getting asked how I make it look easy. But it's not as simple as trawling Twitter and having a half-baked attempt at the tips in the latest thread.

When a few of my friends in professional careers asked me recently for advice about how to grow their own careers, I realized that most of the important skills that got me to this point just aren't common for most pros.

And I love sharing my knowledge and helping pros and people early in their journey to kickstart their careers in the right way!

So many were asking that I decided to create a quiz just to see who needed my help most desperately. And now I’m making this quiz available to you, so you can see where you’re at.

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Your work is going really well, you have everything under control and everyone thinks you’re a superstar. How well does this describe you? Time to find out where you truly sit in the ranks of top professionals.


You don't rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

My name is Tom (@productivetom), and I've been a finance, strategy and investment professional for over 15 years.

I’ve always been attracted to finding systems to help me achieve my goals.

So fifteen years ago as I was starting my career I was staffed on a large global project to help transform a $10 billion company that was in big trouble.

New to the industry and complex projects (I didn’t even know what a business transformation was), I didn’t want to spend 12 weeks completely at sea and embarrass myself.

The project had multiple stakeholders, both internally and externally, hundreds of emails flying around, meeting galore, documents everywhere with data and models backing everything up. I needed a way to work that would set me up for success, and make my day-to-day more pleasant.

I started to put in place early systems to manage my work, email, calendar, team and stakeholders. It proved so effective.

In the end, thanks to this groundwork, I didn’t embarrass myself.

It also set me on a path to experiment with and collect the best productivity tactics. I simplified them, then simplified them again. Improved them and used them to build a proven, battle-tested system.

So at this point, it’s fair to say that I know a ridiculous amount about productivity systems.

I use mine to deliver work at a pace and quality that my colleague just simply can’t understand. It’s all because of exactly how I set-up at work.

If you like the idea of this, right now you have two paths you could go down:

  • “The Long Road”: Continue doing what you’ve been doing and slowly piece together your own unique process through a lot of trial and error.

  • “The Shortcut”: Adopt a proven system that has helped thousands of other professionals like you deliver more productive work.

The question I’ll leave you with is: What would being able to deliver 2x better work, in 80% less time mean for you?

Tom Davies
Creator of Pro Cheat Codes

Turn Your Performance From “Meh!” to “Wow!”

Improving performance is hard, I get it! So I built Pro Cheat Codes. In minutes, you can start implementing only the best advice from leading experts with nothing superfluous, jargon free with no unnecessary complexity.

  • Turn your email from a time drain into a superpower

  • Leave all your stakeholders impressed with your work

  • Make a name for yourself, and make it look easy

Level Up at Work

Only $9

Build a system to guide all your work. Execute and watch the results roll-in.


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Made by @productivetom


Welcome to the low-tech, old-school professional performance quiz. Scoring is simple, just add up the points associated with all your responses and compare your score at the end (when you’re in doubt just split the difference and award yourself 1.5 or 2.5 points).

The beauty of that is that no-one is watching you, seeing your score or tracking you. We’re using an honesty system here, so you can feel safe to give yourself an honest assessment.

Brew a hot drink, get out a pen and paper, and let’s get started...

Question 1
What does your computer's desktop look like?

A. Just folders and shortcuts, neatly organised (3 points)
B. Files and folders everywhere, all the time (1 point)
C. Depends on the day or the week (2 points)

Question 2
If you're asked by a colleague for a specific file, what happens next?

A. "I think I know where that might be…" (2 points)
B. "You'll need to give me some time, while I dig it up…" (1 point)
C. "I know exactly where that is, here you go…" (3 points)

Question 3
It gets to the end of a typical week, what best describes how you normally feel?

A. Zen, the book is closed on another productive week (3 points)
B. How did I survive that car crash? (2 points)
C. Phew, it’s over (1 point)

Question 4
How often do you ask for and receive a performance review?

A. Regularly (3 points)
B. Almost never (1 point)
C. Sometimes, but it’s been a while (2 points)

Question 5
When you look back over all your projects in the last year, how do you feel?

A. Feels like a lot of wasted effort (1 point)
B. Some hits and some misses (2 points)
C. Feels like I'm working on all the right things (3 points)

Question 6
When you deliver work, what's the general feedback?

A. "Another one smashed out of the park." (3 points)
B. "Great work, there's work to do but good start" (2 points)
C. "This needs a lot of work, here's lots of feedback" (1 points)

Question 7
Over the last 3-years, how would you describe your professional development?

A. I'm constantly learning and hitting new highs (3 points)
B. Okay, but not amazing (2 points)
C. One word: stagnant (1 point)

Question 8
How often are you pulled onto important issues, projects or teams?

A. Rarely (1 point)
B. Often, I’m in high demand (3 points)
C. Sometimes, I’m known as a solid option (2 points)

Question 9
How would you describe your personal brand inside and outside your organisation?

A. Non-existent or fading (1 point)
B. Growing (2 points)
C. Top-notch (3 points)

Question 10
How confident do you feel about your industry knowledge in your chosen field?

A. Ask me anything, I'm a deep industry expert (3 points)
B. I'll might have to check, I really could round out my knowledge (2 points)
C. Not confident, please don't ask me any in-depth questions (1 point)

Question 11
How would you describe your professional network?

A. Could be better (1 point)
B. Decent, but in need of attention (2 points)
C. Large and thriving (3 points)

Question 12
What does your work calendar look like?

A. It’s a mess (1 points)
B. Neat, organised and under control (3 points)
C. Somewhere in-between (2 points)

Time to tally up your score and see how you went:

12-24 points
You are an Emerging professional.

Things happen, but in an ad-hoc way. You are yet to put in place systems and processes to make your work experience more productive and enjoyable. You are yet to experience the benefits of a repeatable model of executing on your tasks, responsibilities and role.

25-30 points
You are a Maturing professional.

You are starting to find your way of working, but have some improvements still to make. You are enjoying your experience at work getting better, but you have some rough edges to smooth over. There are optimizations to make. But you are well and truly on your journey.

31-36 points
You are a Sophisticated professional.

Congratulations! You understand the sense of accomplishment and enjoy the flow that comes from having your work domain under your control. Your work seems easier than it ever has, yet you’re getting your best results ever. Your peers come to you with questions and for advice because you are executing ona higher level, and making it look easy.

Turn Your Performance From “Meh!” to “Wow!”

Improving performance is hard, I get it! So I built Pro Cheat Codes. In minutes, you can start implementing only the best advice from leading experts with nothing superfluous, jargon free with no unnecessary complexity.

  • Turn your email from a time drain into a superpower

  • Leave all your stakeholders impressed with your work

  • Make a name for yourself, and make it look easy

Level Up at Work

Only $9

Build a system to guide all your work. Execute and watch the results roll-in.


© Pro Cheat Codes. All rights reserved.

Made by @productivetom



I've retreated into the mountains to finish this the Pro Cheat Codes guide to Leveling Up at Work. I want to make it really great. Please leave your email and a message for a (large) launch discount.


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“I can see exactly what needs to be done and have a clear idea of how to do it. I’m much more efficient and productive.”

-Callum G., London

“I've had less confusion with task responsibilities and deadlines, which has increased productivity and efficiency.”

-Aria W., Sydney

“I am completing work faster and sending it to my manager in record time, she loves the results! I get more and better feedback, I hold myself accountable, and I’m leaving the office earlier as well.”

-Amanda C., Singapore

“Time management and productivity. Makes my job easier rather than having to constantly ask for help.”

-Estelle A., London

“More outcomes and less PowerPoint!”

-Joshua W., Dallas


© Pro Cheat Codes. All rights reserved.

Made by @productivetom

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